Bilawal says poor countries do not have enough resources to fight COVID-19

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

11th Apr, 2020. 06:59 pm
Bilawal says poor countries do not have enough resources to fight COVID-19

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the effect of lockdown due to Coronavirus  was going to be grim on citizen in the country.

While giving an interview to to Sky tv Bilawal said that Pakistan gave a bottom up response to COVID-19 adding that Federal’s support was very little to provinces in fight against the pandemic.

Bilawal said “provincial governments responded with very little support from federal government and we are still demanding the support to increase our health capacity.”

The PPP Chairman said that his government in Sindh  had played aggressive role as soon as COVID-19 reached Pakistan adding that they put all differences aside and offered federal government to work collectively against the virus.

He said that unfortunately the response of  federal government to the virus was very slow.

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Bilawal said that country’s health care system came under great pressure as Pakistan is facing the shortage of beds adding that Pakistan has 0.6 beds per thousand people on the other hand European countries like Italy had 3.4 and the UK had 2.8 but still those country’s health system came under great pressure.

He further said while criticizing Narendra Modi “our neighbor India one of the largest medicines producing country but is also led by a Hindu nationalist who antagonizes his neighbors.”

Talking about Indian occupied Kashmir Bilawal sai “the state of Kashmir with Muslim population is in a lockdown for 250 days even before coronavirus. So there is that aspect of our concern about whether there will be an equitable response to pandemic at global level where we have poor and rich countries receiving what they need to save their citizens.”

He also critisizes US sanctions on Iran and said “Iran is already fighting the Coronavirus outbreak and where the sanctions are inhumane because it put people’s lives in danger.”

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