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Petroleum prices in Pakistan expected to decrease by Rs 31 per liter

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

19th Apr, 2020. 10:03 pm
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The price of petroleum products is expected to drop by Rs 31  liter from next month.

Petrol price can be reduced by Rs 22 and diesel by Rs 31 per liter.

Industry sources said that due to the decline in oil prices in the global market, the petrol price in country will also decline.

PM Imran Khan Announce to reduce Petrol Prices in Pakistan by Rs 15 per litre

Earlier on March 24, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday announced to reduce the petrol prices in Pakistan by Rs 15 per litre

While addressing a press conference with his senior members of the cabinet he said that the novel coronavirus is not the real danger, rather the decisions that people take fearing the Coronavirus is a real threat.

Talking about the lockdown, PM said the impact that comes after a lockdown is imposed will create more panic than the coronavirus.

He said “We’ve been working for past 3 days to devise a stimulus package on how we can save our industries, our businesses, our labors from the adverse affects of this global pandemic. We’ve put a lot of thoughts and efforts into this.”

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