Waqar Zaka proposes a quick & less expensive technique to test coronavirus

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

18th Apr, 2020. 07:53 pm
Waqar Zaka proposes a quick & less expensive technique to test coronavirus

Waqar Zaka has proposed a unique test that can detect coronavirus in a few minutes. The test will cost Rs 500 only.

Social media celebrity Waqar Zaka has proposed in his recent video a test that can cost as minimum as Rs 500 for people.

Waqar posted a video on social media in which he thoroughly explained his followers the types of tests that are conducted for coronavirus. He says that one test that is currently being conducted is the antibody test or blood test. In this test, the blood sample is taken and is tested. Another test is the PCR test in which a sample is taken from the patient’s nose and is tested in a machine.

Waqar Zaka compared these types of tests with the LAMP test he has proposed. He said that these tests cost more money and taken days to confirm whether the person has coronavirus or not.

In the video, he thoroughly explained the LAMP test step-by-step.

Lamp assay test

For a person who wants to know about the LAMP test,

  1. Download full-length sequence test from the website https://www.gisaid.org/
  2. After that, access MAFFT software to do Multiple Sequence Alignment. It will remove unnecessary genetic material from RNA.
  3. Make LAMP primers using software Primer Explorer V5 software. Experts require 3 pairs of primers. these primers target gene segments.
  4. Finally, test the primers by using BLAST analysis.
  5. These primers are tested when they are mixed with WarmStart calorimetric Lamp 2x Master Mix. Waqar Zaka says that this chemical is easily available here.
  6. Place them in a tube and then put the tube in a water bath for 5 minutes at 65 degrees Celsius.
  7. If the patient has coronavirus, the tube will show yellow color. If the patient does not have coronavirus, the tube will show a pink color.  

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