When is the First Ramadan 2020? Date Confirmed

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

11th Apr, 2020. 08:04 pm
Ramadan Calendar Multan 2021

The Date of the Ramadan 2020 has been confirmed in Pakistan.

Pakistan is doing welcome Ramadan 2020 even in the countrywide lockdown due to Coronavirus outbreak. Due to communicable virus, mosques will be closed for the public across the country.
Ramadan is a blessing month, and the situation will not be the same in it. Muslim countries want to know about the crescent of a lunar month Ramadan . As you know, the moon is sighting in Pakistan for Ramadan, and the Ruet e Hilal Committee decides when the month starts. The committee decides on the base when the moon visible.
Moreover, scientific sources like the Ministry of Science and technology and the Meteorological Department developed an app for moon sighting. Through this, Astrophysicists can predict the birth of the moon.
Professor Dr Shahid Qureshi who is a renowned scientist and astrophysicist, Ramadan moon of this year will be sighted on the evening of April 24, and the first fasting day will be April 25.

He said the moon would be born of the morning on April 23 and sunset on Thursday. The duration of the moon will be 11 hours and 32 minutes and will be less than five degrees above the horizon. Moon Sighting app also showed the same prediction for the Ramadan 2020.
Ministry of science and technology Chaudhary Fawad Hussain revealed the starting date for Ramadan 2020 on February 24, and the fasting month will commence on April 25.

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