The article against Axact was paid by Mir Ibrahim: Merk Thomas

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11th May, 2020. 07:01 pm
Mir Ibrahim Axact article

Mir Ibrahim Axact article

Geo once again has started the false propaganda again Axact. The propaganda was started to remove Mir Shakeel from public’s eye. Geo is doing all these to save his chief executive Mir Shakil ur Rehman.

According to the US based international lawyer, Mr Merk Thomas this is the conspiracy of chief executive of Geo network, Mir Ibrahim ur Rehman.

He said, these types of articles and paid write ups are very common now. After the investigation we have found that the article was paid by Mir Ibrahim Ur Rehman from Pakistan.

The third party is involved behind this article, this is a clear case of defamation and impersonation, the lawyer said. This is a criminal act and our advice is to solve this matter legally.

This is not the first time when Mir Ibrahim has done this, Mir Ibrahim has a history of doing these types of acts, Thomas said

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