Budget 2020: What will be the relief for a common man?

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

11th Jun, 2020. 05:18 pm
Budget 2020: What will be the relief for a common man?

The federal government is going to announce a budget for the coming fiscal year. The news has raised several significant questions in people’s minds. The common question everyone asks is how this budget will benefit a common citizen of Pakistan.

The government has ensured that no new tax will be imposed and more funds will be allocated for measures against coronavirus. This year proved to be a hard one for everyone, from influential people to common man. It is because of the economic crisis resulted from coronavirus pandemic.

Budget, inflation, pricing, and profits always remain the top gossip topics for everyone; from stakeholders, businessmen to a barber, cobbler, or a rickshaw driver. Elite persons set their targets, achievements, and strategies according to the income they earn. Whereas, a middle-class common man has to think about how prices of necessities will affect his earning. It is because he has to manage a lot of expenditures from limited salaries.

Coronavirus pandemic has made lives more miserable, as several businesses have been closed. Restaurant waiters, barbers, naan bai, teachers, and other people having various occupations, are pleading the government to reopen works, as hunger is more dangerous than a virus for a common man.

Budget 2020-21: What are you expecting this year?

As per the budget 2019-20, the minimum salaries allocated was Rs. 17,000. It seems quite impossible for a person to bear bread-and-butter, provide good education to their children, take care of health, and manage bills. The relief for a common Pakistani citizen is still a big question!

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