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Locust infestation is a bigger economic threat than Coronavirus to Pakistan

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

09th Jun, 2020. 10:12 pm
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Locust infestation is a bigger economic threat than Coronavirus to Pakistan

Locust infestation is a bigger economic threat than Coronavirus to Pakistan, said the American magazine Bloomberg in its report.

Bloomberg said in a report that agriculture is the second largest sector of the Pakistani economy, accounting for 20% of the country’s gross domestic product and half of the country’s workforce is engaged in this sector.

The report said that locust attacks could affect crop production in Pakistan and pose serious economic risks.

According to officials at the Ministry of Food Security and Research, locusts have so far spread over an area of ​​57 million hectares, of which 23 million hectares have crops, while locusts are spreading rapidly and increasing in number.

Farmers have also termed locusts as a greater threat than coronavirus Pandemic. They say that keeping a social distance can prevent corona, but if locusts attack crops, there is no way to avoid famine and starvation.

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Note that after 30 years, the locusts once again attacked which has affected 52 countries of the world including Pakistan and different parts of Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab affected due to which the farmers are worried.

According to the report, a medium-sized swarm of locusts eat crops which can serve food to 35,000 people in a day and a swarm of millions of locusts can travel 150 km per day in the direction of the wind.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States (FAO) has warned that there is a risk of a sharp increase in locusts after rains as heavy rains create a favourable environment for locust breeding.

According to the report, on soft ground, locusts can lay 1000 eggs per square meter and a locust can eat 2 grams of food per day.

According to Bloomberg, due to the damage caused by locust attacks, authorities are being urged to use the money allocated to fight the coronavirus to eradicate locusts in order to avoid a possible food crisis.

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