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Tiger Force task to make people follow SOPs: PM Imran Khan

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

05th Jun, 2020. 06:50 pm
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Prime Minister explains solution to the problems of Karachi & Lahore

PM Imran Khan has said that we cannot stop the spread of coronavirus and we knew that when the lockdown would open and the virus would spread.

According to details, PM Imran Khan while addressing the volunteers of Corona Relief Tiger Force said that the lockdown is not possible in Coronavirus, other countries are opening the lockdown.

The Prime Minister said that the

was needed to educate the people about COVID-19 and SOPs to the people while the main task of the Tiger Force is to make the people follow the SOPs.

He also said that while the Tiger Force administration will point out where SOPs are not being implemented, the Tiger Force will tell us what the problems are in the utility stores while the Tiger Force will also identify the hoarders.

In his statement, Imran Khan also said that lockdown harms the poor people while lockdown increases poverty, destroys the poor, in other countries due to lockdown in Coronavirus.

The Prime Minister said that the world economy has been devastated due to Corona. The countries which used to lend to others have become indebted today. Our revenue has decreased by Rs. 800 billion. The loans taken by the previous government have been traded at Rs. 5 trillion.

Imran Khan also said that the Asian Development Bank has praised Pakistan for its relief because we have delivered so much money to deserving people in such a short time and if we had not announced an effective relief package, the situation in the country would have declined.

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The Prime Minister said that the doctors and medical staff deserved tribute as the doctors were under pressure due to coronary heart disease while the pressure on the doctors would be reduced if SOPs were implemented.

Imran Khan also said that we have taken the best steps from the beginning due to which the situation is better today while we decided in Ramadan that the mosques will be opened according to the SOPs.

Prime Minister Imran Khan further said that more challenges are ahead, the country cannot tolerate lockdown while people will not go through difficult times if they follow SOPs.

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