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Alamgir Khan slammed K-Electric, appeals for more power suppliers in Karachi

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

22nd Jul, 2020. 10:53 am
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K Electric's unannounced loadshedding continues

With increased power outages in Karachi, citizens suffer fulfilling their basic needs. Alamgir Khan, however, slammed K-Electric for their continuous negligence.

Speaking to an interview on Kiran Naz’s show ‘Bus Bohat Hogaya’, Alamgir Khan lashed K-Electric’s negligence and came in support for citizens facing problems due to power outages.

He said that it is my high demand to not let just one company like K-Electric to deal with this basic supply, as they are failed to fulfill the need of power supply.

Khan further said that is much necessary to increase power suppliers for Karachi so that the ones who cause negligence can be brought to charge.

To avoid problems faced by the consumers, this monopoly should end, or else the single power supplier will cause blackmailing to the government.

On the other hand, the witnesses in Naqeebullah Murder case turned away from their statement against Rao Anwar, who had claimed to have shot down four members of the defunct Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in an encounter near Shah Latif Town in Karachi.

Alamgir Khan said there are numerous persons who witnessed the murder scene and those with Naqeebullah at that time, their statement could be much strong in the court. However, despite of all the charges made on Rao Anwar, he left his position but stlll carries strong political support which allow him roam around the streets freely.

He requested the court authorities to take proper notice on Rao Anwar’s matter and cut his supportive wings in order to provide justice in Naqeebullah murder case.

Alamgir, however, praised the lawyers who are still working tirelessly in this case. He is rest assured that the lawyers will come up to something positive justly in this case.

He further added that Rao Anwar is not the only culprit in the police team, adding that there are many more who gains political and strong support to hide their crimes.

Earlier, Former senior superintendent of police (SSP) Malir Rao Anwar had filed a lawsuit against the American government a day after it blacklisted him for allegedly murdering over 400 people in “staged” police encounters.

According to details, Anwar issued a video message in which he vowed to fight a legal battle to clear his name.

Rao Anwar declared the US sanctions against him a conspiracy against Pakistan.

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