Madar-E-Millat – Fatima Jinnah remembered on her 53rd death anniversary

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09th Jul, 2020. 10:21 am
Fatima Jinnah death anniversary

The 53rd death anniversary of Madar-e-Millat Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, the younger sister of Quaid-e-Azam, is being observed with great reverence and respect across the country today.

Fatima Jinnah had passed away on July 9, 1967 in Karachi soon after spearheading an election campaign in both the eastern and western wings of the country.

She was born on 30th July 1893 and Jinnah had seven siblings. Mohammad Ali Jinnah was the eldest one in the famil.

Fatima Jinnah joined the Bandara convert in Bombay in 1902 where she remained in hostels as her parents had died.

In 1919 she got admitted to the highly competitive University of Calcutta where she attended the Dr.R.Ahmad dental collage.

After she graduated from there, she went with her idea of opening a dental clinic in Bombay in 1923.

A graceful lady, dignified, personification of eastern simplicity, confident with a countenance of keen comprehension of men and matters, personified Fatima Jinnah.

Professionally a dentist at a time when Muslim women all clad in Pardah, she learned to stand on her own feet. Miss Jinnah also developed feelings of sympathy for others and tried to ameliorate their problems.

Companion Of Quaid-E-Azam:

She lived with her elder brother Mohammad Ali Jinnah until 1919. At that time Jinnah married Rattanbai. Later on Rattenbai died after eleven years in February 1929.

Fatima Jinnah then closed her clinic and winded. She took the charge of Jinnah’s house and went to his bungalow.

After that the relation of brother and sister became an example as their companionship lasted until the death of his Mohammad Ali Jinnah on 11 September 1948. She didn’t only live with her brother but also accompanied her brother on numerous tours.

Fatima Jinnah also joined him in London when he remained there after the second round table conference in 1932.

Fatima Jinnah


Fatima Jinnah is referred as the Madar-e-Millat or Mother of the Nation for her dynamic role in the Pakistan freedom movement.

Death Of Fatima Ali Jinnah:

On 11 July 1967, in early hours she was discovered dead. Doctors pronounced the reason as heart failure due to old age.

Many newspapers published this report. Matlub-ul-Hassan Syed, Quaid’s personal secretary for many years, stated that she was at Mir Laik Ali Khan’s dinner when she complained of low blood pressure due to which she was discovered dead in the morning.

But according to Mir Laik Ali Khan himself she left his house in good spirits.

Fatima Jinnah

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