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Traffic police issues a Rs500 challan to a cyclist in Karachi

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

25th Jul, 2020. 10:08 pm
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A poor cyclist had been fined Rs500 by the Traffic Police in Karachi on Friday.

The cyclist is identified as Iqbal Shahid, who sells toys for kids on his bicycles. According to details, Shahid now has to pay challan of Rs500 and a tax of Rs20.

Instead of writing a bicycle, the traffic police officer wrote a motorcycle in the challan when the bicyclist refused to take the challan receipt.

As per details, the Clifton Traffic Section issued the challan to the cyclist on the Service Road.

Iqbal Shahid told the traffic police officer there is no flour in his house, how will he pay the fine?

Ghulam Ali Jamali, the traffic police officer who issued the challan, said that the cyclist was coming from the wrong side and was passing between the cars in a dangerous manner that created a disturbance in the traffic flow.

The cyclist had been fined Rs500 as a warning said the traffic police officer.

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