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Destruction of Karachi is the destruction of Pakistan, says Mustafa Kamal

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

21st Aug, 2020. 07:26 pm
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Mustafa Kamal

Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal addressed the protesters outside Karachi Press Club on Friday.

While addressing the protesters, Mustafa Kamal said,

“Today was the test for the people of Karachi. Thousands of people came here in protest of PSP on less than 24 hours notice.”

Kamal appreciated the efforts of the Karachi citizens as they came to protest in the heavy rain over the division of Karachi by the Sindh government.

Kamal claimed that the decision of making Karachi another district by PPP is based upon linguistic grounds.

“An MPA in District Central becomes an MPA with 260,000 votes. In PS99, an MPA is formed with 56,000 votes. We do not find such a big difference in the method of election of representatives of the same city,” said Mustafa Kamal.

While talking about the decision of separating Karachi, Mustafa Kamal criticized PPP and said,

“Those who could not even take control of the gutter lines are chanting the slogan of the province. The PPP just wants someone from Karachi to break Sindh.”

When the voice of breaking Sindh is heard from Karachi, PPP tells our innocent Sindhi brothers to save Sindh.

He questioned the Sindhi nation that how could they forget PPP’s corruption, incompetence, dog bites, and starving children in Thar?

While criticizing the other opposition parties, Kamal said,

“Mohajir card will not work in Sindh, Sindh card will not work but only the PSP card will work. We will not allow this ploy of the PPP to succeed.”

Kamal claimed that he will go to every forum to stop the partition of Karachi.

“Those who say that the federation cannot interfere in the affairs of Karachi should hear that this is not occupied Kashmir. If there is Karachi then there is Pakistan, the destruction of Karachi is the destruction of Pakistan.”

Kamal requested the state institutions to join him to save Pakistan and stop the division of Karachi. He said that PPP for its survival is setting fire to linguistics in the province.

He further added,

“If PPP will take over Karachi, we will also take the Sindh government from them.”

Kamal concluded by saying,

“If the PPP members were really sympathetic to the Sindhis, they would have been patient, but they are also the killers of the Sindhis, including the refugees.”

He asked the protesters to go in every street and explain everyone about PPP’s conspiracy against Sindh.

“The whole conspiracy will fail if the people of Karachi stand with the workers in spite of 7 districts.”

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