Government decides to give stipend to mothers for 2 years from birth

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

12th Aug, 2020. 08:55 pm
Government decides to give stipend to mothers for 2 years from birth

A major decision of the federal government has been announced to give stipend to mothers for 2 years from the birth of their child.

Dr. Sania Nishtar, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, said in a press conference that if a boy is born, the mother will be paid Rs. 1,500 and if a girl is born the mother will be given Rs. 2,000.

The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister said that a program on malnutrition is going to be launched tomorrow. In malnutrition, sometimes a child loses weight and sometimes he is short. Short stature also reduces the mental capacity of children.

Sania Nishtar said that due to low mental capacity of children, they could not play a role in the development of the country.

She wrote on Twitter, “This is one of the 33 centers of #EhsaasNashonuma, the new #Ehsaas nutrition and health conditional cash transfer programme. District Upper Dir is one of the 9 districts where this program is commencing and this is one of the 6 centers in District Upper Dir.”

“Our government has prioritized children’s issues and launched a comprehensive program on them,” she said. The Prime Minister had said in his first speech that this would be one of our priorities.

The Special Assistant said that there are many programs in the realm of realization. Many programs have been launched in the last one year.

Sania Nishtar said that now the Ehsaas development is starting, the Ehsaas Education will also start soon. This program is designed after one year of consultation with experts. Pregnant women will be given specialized nutrition in this program.

She said that it is being launched in 9 districts of the country. 8 centers are functional and the remaining 33 will be completed within this month.

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