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Kashmir will be free soon, says President Arif Alvi

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

20th Aug, 2020. 06:32 pm
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On Thursday, President of Pakistan Arif Alvi addressed the joint sitting of the Parliament. It the third time of the President addressing in the Parliament after the current government of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) completed its two years in the power.

“I am addressing the joint sitting of the Parliament for the third time, said the president amid protests and walkout from the opposition parties,” said the president.

While addressing the joint sitting President Alvi said that PTI’s government has ended the corruption. When the government came into power, corruption was rampant and the economy of the country was ruined.

It is pertinent to mention here that as soon as the speech started, the opposition started making noise and protesting. Other opposition members including Khawaja Asif stood on their seats. Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, PK Map, PPP, and PML-N members walked out of the House.

Regarding this, President Alvi said,

“Compared to last year, I thought that this time they would listen to the speech in silence. Instead of criticizing, the youth should be encouraged.”

Talking about the coronavirus, the president of Pakistan appreciated the efforts of the government as well as the nation, for coping with the situation.

The government coped well with the coronavirus. There were 70,000 cases in India on Wednesday while there were only 600 cases in Pakistan. The government did a good job by imposing smart lockdown”.

Talking about the economic situation of the country and ongoing development projects, the President said,

“ML-1 will be a huge game-changer and the construction of Diamerbhasha Dam will generate 4,500 MW of electricity. In addition, the construction package is very important. Reducing the trade deficit is a big deal. Foreign exchange reserves are سا 12.5 billion. Increase revenue by 3.5 percent. Moody’s and Fitch also described Pakistan’s economic situation as better. These decimals indicate improvement”

Dr. Alvi also highlighted the Kashmir issue in the parliament and said it will be free soon from India.

“Congratulations to the Prime Minister on Kashmir policy. The speech in the General Assembly and the discussion of the Kashmir issue in the United Nations is a victory. India has violated every Geneva Convention, Shimla Agreement, and UN resolutions. Minorities are not being treated well in India. Tensions in India will not be good for us either. Inshallah, Kashmir will be free soon, Hindutva fascist government cannot work.”

Talking about Israel, President Alvi appreciated Imran Khan and said,

“Prime Minister made a blunt statement on the issue of Israel. He made it clear that he would not recognize Israel until the Palestinians had their rights. They are based on the policy of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah regarding Israel. Israel and Palestine support a two-state solution. Talking about Pak-Saudi relations, he said that friendship with Saudi Arabia is very strong and will remain so.”

He concluded the session by saying,

“All the institutions of Pakistan, the armed forces, the judiciary, the parliament, and the media are on the same badge. There will be no compromise on corruption.”

It should be mention here that the president summoned the joint sitting under Article 54(1) and 56(3) of the Constitution.

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