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“Opposition blackmailed government on the FATF issue”

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

28th Aug, 2020. 08:59 am
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Prime Minister

Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan has warned that the Opposition would be held responsible if the country got blacklisted on Financial Action Task Force (FATF) leading to economic collapse.

While giving an interview to a private TV Chanel, Imran Khan said “We are going to convene a joint session of parliament next week, and if the Opposition once again joins hands to save corrupt within its ranks, it would be an open enmity to the country,”

The prime minister said the consequences of FATF blacklisting could be horrific in the shape of end to international bank dealing and devaluation of currency, resulting in price hike of commodities including electricity.

He said the Opposition was blackmailing the government on the FATF issue, however he categorically stated that he would not give any concession to the corrupt as NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance).

“India wants to put us in FATF blacklist, and defeating of legislation on it would be supporting their cause in fact,” he said, adding that Opposition had one-point agenda which was entirely against the national interest.

Imran Khan said his government inherited a situation where Pakistan was put in FATF grey-list during the tenure of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), adding that black-listing could prove a “disaster” for the country.

The prime minister admitted that allowing former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to leave the country was a mistake on part of the government, though it was made in good faith.
“We sent him in good faith, but now we regret.

It is embarrassing to learn that Nawaz Sharif, who was given a facility on medial grounds, has started politics abroad,” he said.

He said had there been no medical opinions, which were probably based on fake health reports, he would not had allowed Nawaz Sharif to leave.

Imran Khan said the government would make every effort for return of Nawaz Sharif, saying there were no two laws in the country, for the rich and the poor.

To a question if any ruler had asked for release of Nawaz Sharif, he said it was not a pressure, but a polite mention about the issue.

He said Nawaz Sharif did not give a single document of the foreign property worth billions abroad.

“When they did my political victimization asking about my London flat, I submitted 60 documents. However, they only presented three fraud documents including Calibri (font) and Qatari letter,” he said.

He rejected the criticism by Opposition on National Accountability Bureau, which he said had its chairman selected by PMLN and PPP.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said Pakistan had a good relationship with all countries at the moment, including the United States, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and several others.

On relations with international leaders on personal level, he said interest of the country always come ahead of any such friendship.

He mentioned that he had all the support of Pakistan Army on his foreign policy including pursuing dialogue as solution to conflicts, release of Indian captured pilot or Kartarpur.

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