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Petition filed in Supreme Court seeking referendum on presidential system

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

28th Aug, 2020. 05:17 pm
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Senate elections

ISLAMABAD: Speculations about the introduction of the presidential system of government in the country have reached the Supreme Court in the form of a petition asking Prime Minister Imran Khan to hold a nationwide referendum to open the way for a presidential system of government instead of the existing parliamentary system.

According to the details, a petition filed by Tahir Aziz Khan, head of Hum Awam Pakistan Party, an unknown organization, said that Prime Minister Imran Khan should hold a referendum with the approval of the joint sitting of Parliament.

The petition claims that the fundamental rights provided to the people in Chapters I and II of the Constitution have been affected by the failure of the present parliamentary government to ensure their welfare and progress in various walks of life.

According to the petition, therefore, it is in the interest of justice that if the people want a presidential system of government, they should be given a chance to choose it.

The petition said that the plight of the people of Pakistan is a direct reflection of the system of government of Pakistan as the parliamentary system of government has failed and by March 2020 the country’s government debt has reached Rs 428 trillion or 2.56 billion.

Citing bleak figures of the country’s financial burden, the petition criticized the system of changing the loyalties of parliamentarians who “put pressure on the government to promote their personal interests”.

Therefore, a healthy opposition and a strong government cannot come forward to take care of the welfare and conditions of most of the people.

The petition said there was no system of separation of powers between the government and the legislature, citing politicization of the administration, non-professionalism, nepotism and corruption.

The petition expressed disappointment over the role of ‘minor legislation’ and the compromise of the opposition due to the persistent lack of quorum in the assemblies.

The petition supported the presidential system, saying it was better for the country because it did not require the president to seek the help of parliament to exercise his powers, which led to decisions in the presidential system of government. Are fast.

The petition also cites the example of countries that have developed by adopting a presidential system of government, including Turkey, where a referendum in 2017 called for the removal of the Prime Minister and a presidential system of government.

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