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Prime Minister’s message to the nation on the occasion of Ashura Day

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

30th Aug, 2020. 12:54 am
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Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has issued a message on the occasion of Ashura Day. He said that today is the tenth day of the holy month of Muharram and the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA).

In this regard, the Prime Minister said that today Muslims are remembering this great sacrifice, although Ashura Day is of great importance in various ways.

The Prime Minister further said that this day in the history of Islam has been achieved due to the martyrdom and the event of Karbala and to make any sacrifice in the way of God for the promotion and revival of high values ​​of Islam is determination and success.

He said that the passion of Shabbir (RA) ignites the tradition of faith and belief, the truthfulness of the Muslims, it is the source of the eternal message of Islam, and the eternal tradition of the spirit of sacrifice and its precedent is hardly in human history. This message of Aswa Hussain is for every good heart.

He further said that by accepting every trouble that comes in the way of truth with a smile on his face, he should surrender his life and after dedicating himself with the same passion, he can play a significant role in the dear country and the world community.

The Prime Minister also paid tribute to the sacrifices of the people who fought against Indian imperialism, who kept the Sunnah of Imam Hussain alive while upholding the truth and made us a great example of the battle of truth and falsehood like Karbala. ۔

In this regard, the Prime Minister further said that the outbreak of coronavirus has spread all over the world, with the help of God, timely measures of the government and full cooperation of the nation, the spread of Corona epidemic has been largely controlled. And for that, the whole Pakistani nation should be thankful to Allah Almighty.

He said that on this day, he appealed to the nation to take precautionary measures in the celebrations of Muharram and hoped that Ashura would be observed with devotion and respect, keeping sectarianism and prejudice at bay and peace and order prevailing. We will make sure.

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