Gas Crisis to make it difficult in braving cold temperatures during winter

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

21st Sep, 2020. 11:43 am
Gas Crisis

The gas crisis may make life strenuous for Pakistanis especially those who find it more difficult to brave cold temperatures during the winter season as Sui Southern Gas Company has warned of gas shortage up ahead.

Commercial and residential users of gas usually get severely affected by the shortage during winters every year as it makes it difficult for them to cook food.

A spokesman for the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSG) said the gas crisis would be further complicated in the winter.

A spokesman for Sui Southern Gas Company said that all stakeholders, including K-Electric, have been notified about the issue.

He said that Sui Gas in Sindh would face a shortfall of 300 million cubic feet per day MMCFD.

A spokesman for Sui Southern said that there was a reduction in gas pressure from the gas field and the SSGC had a shortfall of 150 MMCFD. The shortfall has affected the condition of the linepack (volume of gas that can be “stored” in a gas pipeline.)

An SSG spokesman said the amount of gas from other gas fields was also declining. The Sinjhoro and Zarghun gas fields are closed due to annual maintenance.

A Sui Southern spokesman said K Electric is being provided with the supply gas at 190 to 200 MMCFD. SSG Spokesman also said that the load management procedure laid down by the government was being followed.

A spokesman for Electric said the shortfall had affected the condition of the line pack, adding that delivering gas to domestic consumers was one of the top priorities.

The sole power distributing firm in Karachi would require repairing its production plants using the furnace oil before the advent of the winter season in order to avoid the shortage of electricity generation.

Letter to SSGC

K Electric earlier wrote a letter to the Sui Southern Gas Company asked them to increase the gas supply and pressure to the K-Electric’s plants.

The letter addressed to the SSGC was to appeal for continued gas supply and pressure for the power plants to make operational.

Diamer-Bhasha dam project

On the other hand, the Water and Power Development Authority WAPDA has started the recruitment of the Grade-6 to Grade-16 officers for the making of the Diamer-Bhasha Dam.

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