Prime Minister Imran Khan warns of gas crisis in Winters

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

09th Sep, 2020. 12:27 pm
Prime Minister

Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned of a Gas crisis the country in Winters as a proper production will require huge costs.

While addressing a seminar on “Sustainability, Security and Affordability of Natural Gas Supply in Pakistan” organized by the Petroleum Division to deliberate upon the issues related to the gas supply sector, Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed hope to overcome the gas crisis in the country soon.

Imran Khan said Pakistan has immense resources but proposals were not tabled in past to make the best out of them.

Imran Khan while quoting the example of China for the developed economy; Prime Minister said the secret of China’s growing economy is the strength of the system. He said Merit is the secret of success in China’s economy and institutions. China makes 20-year long-term plans for the prosperity of the country.

PRIME Minister went on to say that the people of any democratic country are aware of the problems and challenges of the country.

“Only 27% Pakistanis use gas supplied via pipeline and the rest use LPG [liquefied petroleum gas] cylinders, which I use as well. The cost of LPG is 4% higher than the gas supplied through the pipeline.

“This is utter distortion,” he said. “Subsidies are given to people who lack basic necessities or to remote areas that do not have adequate facilitation.

“That is how wealth is created — ultimately contributing to per capita income and GDP and, in our case, we can return the debts that we have since ages,” he added, noting that a review of relevant documents made him realize how, in Pakistan, “subsidies are given to people who do not even deserve them”.

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