We have to hold fast to the rope of Allah, says President Alvi

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

21st Sep, 2020. 07:55 pm
Unity of the Nation Conference

The President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi has addressed the Unity of the Nation Conference today. The aim of the conference was to promote inter-Muslim unity and curb sectarianism.

According to the details, the conference was attended by different clerics and scholars belonging to different schools of thought.

While addressing the conference, President Alvi urged every Muslim to have full belief in the only One Almighty Allah, and to become a nation, every Muslim should avoid division.

“We have to hold fast to the rope of Allah. To become a nation, we must avoid division,” said President Arif Alvi.

Highlighting the recent issues that had created chaos in the country due to sectarianism, Alvi wanted  Muslims to stand with unity.

“Attempts are being made to create hypocrisy and division through emotional speeches.” He added, “Muslims have already suffered a lot due to disagreement.”

President Alvi gave the reference to the Iran-Iraq war while addressing the conference and told the war resulted in nothing but losing precious lives of innocent Muslims.

“In the past, Iran and Iraq have been at war. One million people lost their lives in the Iran-Iraq war.”

Dr.Alvi urged everyone to stop calling each other infidels and should become one nation.

“Academic and sectarian differences have their place, differences based on ignorance cause division. The practice of calling each other infidels must be avoided,” said President Arif Alvi

Appreciating Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts, Alvi said,

“Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken a firm stand against hatred against Islam and protection of the honor of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).”

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