Pakistan International Airlines cut pilots’ salaries by 25%

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

29th Oct, 2020. 03:23 pm
Pakistan International Airlines

Pakistan International Airlines has decided to cut salaries of pilots by 25 percent.

As per the details, pilots serving  PIA will also face a deduction in allowances.

According to the notification issued, they are now only guaranteed allowances after completing 50 flying hours a month.

The notification also noted that the medical treatment of parents of retired pilots has been discontinued.
The PIA spokesperson said the airline services is suffering monthly losses of Rs9 billion due to the closure of its Europe and UK flights. So far, the airline has incurred losses of Rs250 billion due to this reason.

The new entitlement is only applicable if their actual flying time is 50 hours, if the complete month’s assigned flying hours add up to less than 50 hours, if they are under training or if they are on sick leave for more than five consecutive days or on a privilege leave for a minimum of seven consecutive days.

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