Balochistan: Rs 600bn Development Package Announced For 9 Backward Districts

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

19th Nov, 2020. 05:25 pm
Asad Umar

The federal government has announced a package of Rs. 600 billion for 9 backward districts of Balochistan.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad along with Information Minister Shibli Faraz and other federal ministers, Asad Omar, Federal Minister for Planning and Development, said that the government has a responsibility to support the more vulnerable sections of its society and all parts of the country. The backward areas should be developed on a priority basis.

He said that there was a need to formulate an integrated development program as a whole keeping in view the development needs of all the provinces of the country as many things are intertwined.

The Minister for Planning and Development said that youth is the capital of this country and creating employment and source of income for them is the top priority of the government so that South Balochistan can be a source of income.

He said that water is needed for agriculture in South Balochistan. There are no big rivers for water, so there is a need to build dams there, which has happened before, but beyond that, agriculture has not happened and agriculture It did not happen because there were no dams.

He said that whenever you want the farmer to get the full value and compensation of his produce if the source of use of his commodity is there, then the best price can be found at that time and for that the industry.

The Federal Minister said that we have formulated a strategy in a priority manner under which the largest development package in the history of Pakistan for the integrated districts of Pakistan within FATA and made work on it and then the same work Karachi. And started working with the Sindh government.

He said that we have done the same for South Balochistan and the next step would be to work on an integrated strategy for the northern districts of Balochistan while Sindh is also going to adopt an integrated strategy.

Asad Umar said that the people of Gilgit-Baltistan have made a big political decision and they have expressed their confidence in Imran Khan, the election is over there and soon a PTI government will be formed after which the development process will start.

Announcing the provision of development projects in Balochistan, he said that the large population there does not have electricity connection, at present only 12% of households have electricity system, by increasing this we will provide electricity to 57% of households in 9 districts. , Some of which will be connected to the national grid.

He said that a total of 320,000 houses would be added there out of which 200,000 houses would be electrified through renewable solar energy.

“A modern distribution system is being set up there to supply gas and for those who can’t afford it and can’t afford expensive gas, we have helped them through our Social Security Sense program,” he said.

The Planning Minister said that 16 new dams are being constructed and it will cultivate 150,000 acres of land and will also create a huge number of employment opportunities.

He said most of the money was being spent on road construction, while the federal ministry’s program for education would provide remote learning to 640,000 children in a modern way with the help of teachers in major cities.

He said that there are also serious health problems due to which more than 200 basic health centres are being upgraded, modern equipment will be installed there and more than half of the population will be able to benefit from it.

Asad Umar said that the largest development program for this most backward region in the history of Pakistan would be spent Rs 600 billion in three most backward districts of Pakistan within three years, which is being done under an integrated strategy and when When this work is completed, prosperity will be witnessed in the region and the law and order situation will be further improved.

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