Federal Govt Announces to Fix Wheat Subsidy Price At Rs. 1650

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

10th Nov, 2020. 05:38 pm
Shibli Faraz

The Federal Minister for Information has said that the government has decided to fix the subsidy price of wheat at Rs. 1650 per quintal.

Shibli Faraz said in a press conference after the cabinet meeting in Islamabad that it was decided in the cabinet meeting that the subsidy price of wheat would be Rs 1650.

He said that we have to take care of both the consumers and the farmers so that the people do not get expensive flour and the farmers should also get a fair price as they earn their living by their hard work.

He said that an increase of Rs. 100 has been made for the farmers which will reduce their basic price which will benefit farmers and the consumers.

He said that Sindh did not even release wheat which led to the reduction and the support price is also at its discretion. Although Sindh did not buy a single grain last year, the federation gave Sindh about 700,000 tonnes of wheat from Passco.

Shibli Faraz said that Sindh was still not releasing wheat as per the standards, which made a difference in prices and Punjab, a major wheat-producing province, was getting flour at a lower price which caused problems in supply.

He said that the subsidy should be given to those who are entitled to it, the subsidy should be given to the poor and middle class and the Special Assistant for Finance has been given the responsibility in this regard.

The Federal Minister for Information said that the figures we saw surprised the entire Cabinet as more than Rs 4 trillion was being given in subsidies and arrangements should be made for the distribution of such subsidies to reach the rightful owners.

He said that serious work has been started on this and they are using Ehsas and other documents for this and will formulate their strategy based on it.

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