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Extra-Judicial Killing Of Kashmiri Labourers: Pakistan Demands Probe Under Int’l Scrutiny

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

29th Dec, 2020. 05:54 pm
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Extra-Judicial Killing Of Kashmiri Labourers: Pakistan Demands Probe Under Int'l Scrutiny

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has expressed grief over extra-judicial killing of Kashmiri labourers in occupied Kashmir and demanded an international inquiry into the killing of innocent civilians.

According to details, a statement issued by the Foreign Office said that the Indian occupying forces martyred three Kashmiri labourers in a fake encounter yesterday, and while trying to paint the incident as a confrontation, weapons were placed with the martyred workers. Pakistan calls for a transparent investigation into the killings of these workers at the international level.

Foreign Office spokesman stated they were martyred in the name of fake search operations and fake encounters. The world should hold India accountable for these atrocities.

Foreign Office spokesman Zahid Hafeez further added that there is a long list of Indian crimes against the Kashmiri people. Three hundred innocent Kashmiri women and children have been martyred in a year.

Note that yesterday, Police in Indian occupied Kashmir has charged an army officer for killing three labourers in a fake encounter.

The military officer was accompanied by two civilians in the killing. One of them has also been charged with murder. The army officer had also kept weapons with the workers after killing them and tried to prove it as an operation against the militants.

All three workers were killed in July this year. The three were later killed by the Indian military in an armed clash with militants. The exchange of fire was reported in Amshipura, a village in the southern part of Indian-administered Kashmir. After the incident, Kashmiri police in their investigation termed the alleged ‘armed clash’ as ​​a murder. In the light of the evidence, an Indian Army captain and a civilian involved in the incident have been named as accused in the murder. One of the two citizens has become a promising witness.

The Indian military attributed the killing of the three workers to an armed clash with the militants.

Police charge sheet

Kashmir police have completed the investigation and submitted a 1400-page charge sheet to the court. It also includes the full identities of the workers killed. The final results of the DNA test of the bodies to identify the victims were compiled after matching them with their family members. The labourers belonged to the Rajouri area. Another development on this occasion is that the local court has sought the opinion of the Indian Army that the case of the military officer should be tried in a civilian court or there will be a court-martial against him.

The position of the police

Kashmiri police said in their investigation that after the identities of those killed were destroyed, militant-like equipment and weapons were placed on their bodies. The investigation also revealed that the accused did not follow the procedure deliberately laid down for the operation. The Indian Army has not commented on the indictment of a captain by the police. It is important to note that the Kashmiri police is directly under the control of the New Delhi government.

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