“Maryam Nawaz should stop making tall claims as PTI is going nowhere”

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

06th Dec, 2020. 11:08 pm
Fayyaz Chohan

Punjab Minister for Prison Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan has on Sunday claimed that Shahbaz Sharif’s son Hamza Shahbaz has demanded resignation from Maryam Nawaz, PML-N’s Vice President.

Responding to Maryam Nawaz’s remarks, Fayyaz Chohan bashed her over claims that her dreams would be shattered on December 14 after the Lahore rally.

“On one hand she is demanding the government to resign while on the other, Hamza Shahbaz has demanded resignation from her,” he said.

The minister further added that both young members of the Sharif family had a heated argument as Hamza asked her to refrain from pursuing the current narrative of the party.

Chohan asked as to how those who are facing cracks from within could unite the opposition and the country. “The masses are well aware of their anti-Pakistan narrative,” he said.

Fayyaz Chohan said that the unnatural alliance of opposition under the umbrella of the PDM would die down on its own after the Lahore public gathering.

“Maryam Nawaz should stop making tall claims as the government is going nowhere,” he said.

Earlier in a day, Maryam Nawaz urged her party workers to respond quickly if any case registered against them by the incumbent government.

Taking aim at the incumbent government, she said that with a single roti (a piece of bread) costing Rs30, a family of 8-10 people have no hope of making ends meet.

She said PM Imran Khan used to claim that the “green passport will be respected across the world” but now flights from Pakistan have been banned.

“Is there anyone who can ask him what became of the claims he made?” she inquired.

Speaking further about the delay in LNG procurement, she said, “The prime minister’s friends who run his kitchen were benefited”.

“People hardly have any supply of gas in their homes, but they get unbelievably high bills,” Maryam Nawaz went on to add.

She dared the “fake and cowardly” prime minister to come and mingle with the people for two minutes.

“We must now call Imran Khan by his new name — Taabedaar Khan,” she said.

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