NCC Meeting: PM urges nation to wear masks, strictly follow COVID-19 SOPs

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

10th Dec, 2020. 05:36 pm

Prime Minister Imran Khan has on Thursday during the NCC meeting urged the masses to fully adhere to the Coronavirus precautions and must wear masks amidst increasing tensions due to the virus across the country.

PM Imran made these remarks while chairing a National Coordination Committee (NCC) meeting on COVID-19 in Islamabad.

“An average of forty percent of the country’s hospital beds are occupied with coronavirus patients,” he said.

The premier further appealed to the nation to strictly abide by wearing a mask, as it is the easiest precaution and our first line of defense against the contagious disease.

“Right now, following the rally in Multan, 64% beds reserved for coronavirus patients lie occupied,” he added.

The prime minister explained that when a large gathering takes place, the fallout is seen about 10 days later.

He said similarly, 40% beds in Peshawar are occupied by coronavirus patients and about 50% of Islamabad’s hospital beds reserved for such patients are occupied.

“If it continues to spread at the rate it is, our hospitals will be full.”

Speaking more about US and Europe, PM Imran Khan said that if the situation is so bad in places where there are far more resources available to fight coronavirus, one can only imagine how dire the situation will be for Pakistan.

“My aim in saying all this is to say: This is the time. We all need to exercise caution. Covering your face is the biggest SOP you can follow. When you wear a mask when around people, the chances of people contracting the virus will be greatly diminished.”

Addressing Opposition parties, he appealed to them to rethink their strategy of holding mass rallies. “It will make no difference to the government whatsoever.  But the people’s lives will be put at risk.”

“And who has held bigger rallies than us. What will happen? Will the government fold?”

He said that people when they congregate for such gatherings, they don’t wear masks.

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