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NEPRA increased electricity rate by Rs1.11 per unit

Gulmeena HamidWeb Editor

14th Dec, 2020. 01:30 pm
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The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has increased the rate of electricity by Rs 1.11 per unit for one month. The price increase came in the wake of the September fuel price adjustment

According to the details, the cost of generating electricity in September was Rs 3.95 per unit and the pre-generation cost of electricity was Rs 2.84 per unit in September.

The decision will impose a burden of more than Rs 12 billion on power consumers. Additional collection from consumers will be made in December bills. However, the decision will not be applicable to K-electric consumers.

Earlier, NEPRA had approved a hike in tariff by 48 paise in November.

According to the details, the increase had been approved on account of the cost of the fuel adjustment for the month of August 2020.

Electricity production cost for the month of August remained at Rs3.68 per unit.

As per the NEPRA, consumers would pay an extra Rs5 billion on account of fuel adjustment in electricity bills of next month. The price hike was not applicable to K-Electric users.

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