“Opposition has no consensus and strategy”: Shibli Faraz

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

10th Dec, 2020. 08:33 pm
shibli faraz

Information Minister Shibli Faraz has said the opposition parties will get nothing from their blackmailing strategies except embarrassment.

Today, Shibli Faraz addressed a news conference in Islamabad and said, the stance of the opposition parties is also changing resignations from the parliament and assemblies. He said this shows they have no consensus and strategy.

The minister said the opposition parties have taken themselves to the blind alley in their lust for power and to save themselves from accountability.

The Information Minister said the public gatherings of the opposition also demonstrate their indifference to the health and lives of the people.

Shibli Faraz released a video of Nawaz Sharif’s past statements and said that those who celebrated Bhutto’s execution are with Bilawal today.

“Bilawal forgot how Nawaz Sharif filed cases against his mother while Bilawal also forgot that he gave the title of 10 percent to his father,” added Faraz.

He further added that they will fail, their politics is coming to an end because they have taken themselves to a dead end from which it is not possible to return, resign, and we will not come under their blackmailing.

Shibli Faraz declared the Lahore rally is going to be illegal and said that the people of Lahore and Pakistan would not trust them.

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