PDM Lahore Jalsa: “No NRO from my govt. for these looters”, says PM Imran in response

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

13th Dec, 2020. 10:09 pm
PDM Lahore Jalsa PM Imran Responsive message

Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Lahore Jalsa kicked off here on Sunday (today) at Minar-e-Pakistan, termed as a “historic and decisive” power show.

According to police sources, around 8,500 people participated in the PDM Lahore Jalsa, while according to the special branch around 10,000 people attended the public gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan.

However, in response to today’s gathering in Lahore, Prime Minister Imran Khan termed the entire rally as ‘pathetic’.

In a series of tweets on Sunday, PM Imran said the PDM leaders simply displayed utter callousness by endangering people’s lives despite COVID-19 threat across the country.

He wrote, “Pathetic. PDM spent so much money, time, effort & displayed utter callousness by endangering ppl’s lives during COVID-19 spike – showing the scant regard they have for citizens’ safety & well-being. All this just to blackmail me into giving them an NRO to save their looted wealth.”

He further made it clear to the PDM leaders that he won’t give NRO to them, no matter what future tactics or blackmailing they have planned for later.

“Let me once again reiterate: I will never give an NRO. Whatever future plans of further blackmail PDM may have, my message is categorical: There will never be an NRO from my govt no matter what tactics the looters devise,” tweeted the premier.

“My Narrative Is Same As Quaid-E-Azam’s”, Says Nawaz Sharif

On the other hand, PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif also addressed the Lahore rally via video link and asked who was answerable for the government’s failings.

“He says I won’t give an NRO. Who is asking you for an NRO? You and Aleema Khan got an NRO from Saqib Nisar yourself,” said Nawaz.

“They say, don’t take names? Tell me, what should we do? Is Imran Khan alone responsible for the predicament the country is in?”

Nawaz said that his “crime is that I speak the truth” and added that he was fighting for the people. He said that his “narrative” was the same as Quaid-e-Azam’s.

“Stop political engineering factories in agencies,” said the former prime minister.

Put An End To The ‘Fake’ Government: Fazlur Rehman

Moreover, the JUI-F Chief Maulana Fazl said: “The wounds inflicted by the rigging done by the establishment for this illegal government, the dirty role they played [to sieze] this illegal power are getting deeper.”

Fazl further said that he wanted to “alert and caution the defence forces and their leadership […] to move out of the people’s way and let them reach Islamabad”.

“In the coming days, I see anarchy in the country. We should handle matters before heading towards anarchy,” he said.

Back-lashing the incumbent government, the PDM Chief stated that Imran Khan with other crisis, was also not able to protest the Occupied Kashmir.

Fazlur Rehman also said that today India has consumed Kashmir and we have nothing in our hands to do for the innocent Kashmiris.

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