BOL News exposes illegal appointment of chairman PEMRA

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27th Jan, 2021. 05:29 pm
Chairman PEMRA BOL News

Watergate, Memo gate, and now PEMRA gate? BOL News is more often becoming a victim of suspensions and illegal decisions taken by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA).

BOL News conducted special transmission on Wednesday (today) in which the true face of Chairman PEMRA Saleem Baig was exposed! Senior anchor Jameel Farooqi, law expert Arif Chaudhry, and the petitioner were invited to the special transmission.

Significant points were highlighted in the transmission. Why BOL News always becomes a victim of suspensions? Peshawar High Court and now Supreme Court has ordered the regulatory to remove the suspension. Why is PEMRA not following the court’s orders? What will be the future if Saleem Baig remains on his post?

Petitioner Babar Dogar exposes Chairman PEMRA

According to the petition filed by Mr. Babar Doger, Saleem Baig’s educational qualifications do not match the newspaper advertisement. Saleem Baig holds the degree of Political Science.

Whereas, the advertisement that was issued for the Chairman’s appointment required the education of finance and law.

Moreover, Mirza Saleem Baig was a bureaucrat and did not get a “No Objection Certificate” before applying for the vacancy.

Mr. Babar Dogar explained that no action is taken against any channel that air content against the administration. He said that PEMRA wants to shut the voices.

Jameel Farooqi urges authorities to take action against Chairman

The senior anchor of BOL News Jameel Farooqi has requested the senior authorities to take action against the illegal activities of PEMRA and the illegal appointment of Saleem Baig. He has urged the authorities to make a commission to investigate the appointment of Baig.

Arif Chaudhry expresses concern about the freedom of expression

Law expert Arif Chaudhry has expressed concern that the illegal activities of PEMRA have badly affected the principle of freedom of expression. He said that a great audience admires BOL News, we cannot compromise on the freedom of expression. He also said that there is no example of the way BOL News is being treated by PEMRA.

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