Country’s Biggest Dacoits Are Acting Like Revolutionaries: PM

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

01st Jan, 2021. 10:41 pm

The Prime minister said that the Army knows that Imran Khan is neither doing business nor making properties by stealing people’s money.

In an interview, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the army is an institution of Pakistan, “I am an elected prime minister and the army also knows that I am working for Pakistan and the army will be with every prime minister who works for Pakistan.”

The Prime Minister said that there was a historic deficit in the current account while after 17 years the current account has been positive for five months and has repaid $20 billion in two years.

Imran Khan also said that our remittances and exports have increased while our rupee has survived falling, we are not throwing dollars in the market to stop the rupee.

The Prime Minister said that half of our tax revenue is spent on repaying instalments of loans while the process of returning to the country can only be stopped in the form of accountability.

The Prime Minister said that u-turn is wrong when there is a compromise on ideology while difficult two years of my life have passed, after 5 years people will decide about my performance and inshallah Pakistan will have a very good time ahead.

Referring to opposition meetings and rallies, he said, “Today, the country’s biggest dacoits have become revolutionaries, People will not take to the streets on the call of this corrupt mafia.

He said, “The opposition is doing the same propaganda that India is doing against me. If I am a puppet, then tell me what I did which was not part of my manifesto.

Referring to the allegations of rigging in the general elections, the Prime Minister said, “We formed a committee in Parliament but no one came to the committee after the first session and the opposition did not give any evidence of rigging.”

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