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FIA Exposes Fraudulent Company Digitonics

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

13th Jan, 2021. 12:55 am
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FIA Exposes Fraudulent Company DG Tonics
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Another conspiracy to defame Pakistan exposed. FIA conducted a big crackdown against a company called Digitonics involved in International Scam.

According to the sources, after receiving complaints from different countries of the world, the FIA’s cybercrime team raided the office of Digitonics, after which all their assets were confiscated and their accounts were frozen.

A fraudulent company called Digitonics first designs its own product campaigns for international companies.

After selling them, it blackmails customers by declaring the same designs unregistered through another company.

Burhan Mirza, CEO of Digitonics, has been arrested after the international scheme was exposed while Junaid Mansoor, the owner of the company, is still absconding. FATF on the other hand is taking this action by FIA positively.

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