“Let’s Eradicate The Scourge Of Corruption,” Says Bilawal

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

11th Jan, 2021. 09:50 pm
"Let's Eradicate The Scourge Of Corruption," Says Bilawal

Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said, “the country is in trouble at the moment, we want to see a bright future for the country, the people of Pakistan will decide the future themselves.”

He was addressing a PDM meeting in Malakand district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He said that Transparency International had said that corruption was rampant in the country. “Let’s eradicate the scourge of corruption,” he said.

He said that the economy of the country has been destroyed, the graph of Pakistan’s economy is even lower than that of Bangladesh and Afghanistan, a government has been imposed on us which does not even know the economy, half of the households in Pakistan are suffering from malnutrition, the whole country was pushed into the darkness, they promised 5 million houses instead they snatched roof from the heads of poor.

Bilawal said, “the people of Malakand have given a verdict to the whole of Pakistan, their only demand is the overthrow of the government, the US could not drive the terrorists out of Afghanistan, the people of Malakand drove them out, the people of Malakand fought the dictators, I promise we will end this government together.”

Bilawal said that how come the Prime Minister spoke of justice when his government could not apprehend those behind Hazara Community killings and lamented the failure to get them justice.

The supremo of an opposition party with a principal stake in Sindh, Bilawal said it is due to the lack of aptitude in the incumbent government that our economy has slumped below that of Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

He does not know anything about the economy, said Bilawal Bhutto of the PM, claiming half of the Pakistani households are poverty-stricken.

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