PEMRA GATE: Nawaz Sharif & PEMRA Chairman: How the dismissal of one and appointment of other is in complete contrast

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

25th Jan, 2021. 04:06 pm
PEMRA Chairman
Prime Minister PEMRA Chairman
Personnel Name Nawaz Sharif Saleem Baig
Tenure Period 5 years 4 years
Way of Appointment Elected Selected
Violation of Criteria Holding Iqama (Residence Permit in KSA) Several violations including selection not on grounds of merit; not meeting the work experience and educational requirement
Petition filed in….. Supreme Court Lahore High Court
Final Result Dismissal Approved and Executed No Dismissal directed by court or cabinet


Table: The above table signifies the comparison between a head of State and that of a federal institution. The PM at the time was dismissed as he was found violating the constitution while on the other hand, the PEMRA Chairman, Saleem Baig, is still in power even though the latter does not meet either the work experience or the educational criteria for the post. Why the PEMRA Chairman is exempted from justice?


It was the time of political turmoil as soon as it was announced that the then Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif was removed from the post of PM as he held an iqama and thus his election to the seat became unconstitutional. Usually, such issues are considered miniature however, the fact that the constitution was followed to the fullest marks a commendable and historic effort.

Examples like these should be the benchmark for the Federal government’s appointment and dismissal of heads of important federal institutions. However, the same cannot be said of the illegal appointment of Chairman PEMRA, Muhammad Saleem Baig.

Protests have been going on for months outside Press Clubs of all the cities of Pakistan to dismiss Chairman PEMRA who has repeatedly used his influence to shut voices of channels which give the truth to the people rather than a biased picture of his choice. You can read more about the news here:

PEMRA GATE: Chairman PEMRA Saleem Baig’s illegal appointment challenged in the court

Given these clear signs that the appointment is dubious, a petition was filed in the Lahore High Court and reply has been sought from parties, PEMRA and the federal government. However, given the fact that appointment of PEMRA Chairman has many evident loopholes, just like that of Nawaz Sharif, both the cases should be painted from the same brush law should be upheld in this scenario just as it was before. Given the fact that if the Prime Minister can be removed due to violation, why not Chairman PEMRA with such obvious irregularities?


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