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PPP has destroyed Sindh, says Mustafa Kamal

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

17th Jan, 2021. 07:36 pm
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Chairman PSP Mustafa Kamal has said that Karachi is the economic lifeblood of the country and an illegal and fake census will not be allowed.

According to details, Chairman PSP Mustafa Kamal while addressing a rally in Karachi against the release of census results said that the population of Karachi is not less than 30 million, the census is wrong while the ruling census should remain controversial, do not justify it.

PSP chief while bashing the PPP said that the political party has destroyed Sindh and will never fix it.

“PPP is not expected to bring about a revolution as the PPP itself has a hand in the destruction of the province.”

Mustafa Kamal also said that a fake census suits PPP members, it will never fix it because if the census is correct then the PPP government will be overthrown from Sindh.

While talking about Prime Minister Imran Khan, Kamal said that the premier has done nothing for Pakistan neither for Sindh.

“PTI’s Sindh leadership is Imran Khan’s biggest enemy and despite him, Imran Khan does not need enemies.”

The PSP chief said that the MQM had bargained for the census, first approved the census and then wrote an objection note to fool the people.

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