Students want online exams: Careers in danger?

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

27th Jan, 2021. 03:15 pm
Online exams

Coronavirus pandemic affected education in Pakistan. It changed the criteria of the education system as online classes and online exams have become the top trends in Pakistan. 

Students activate their internet connection and get connected to Zoom or other software to attend the classes instead of rushing to classrooms. They now stay at their homes and take classes while having snacks.

Students supporting online exams

However, a huge debate began about the exams. Most universities decided to take physical exams and the decision created an outrage among the students. Education through online classes proved different and difficult as well, as there were differences in the choice of topics and assignments. Also, communication gaps between students and teachers sometimes affected understanding.

As some universities and colleges decided to take physical exams, students raised their voices against the decision. They organized protests and raise the slogan “We want online exams”. Students of Science College protested in Lahore against the administrations. Students in Faisalabad, Islamabad, and Peshawar also protested to raise a voice for the cause. As a result, some universities have now decided to take online examinations.

If you are going to take online exams, the following guidelines will be helpful for you!

Preparation before the online exams:

Prepare your gadgets and internet connection

Preparation for regular exams seems hard, but preparation before online exams are more difficult. It is because you have to ensure your gadgets are working efficiently. You also have to make sure you have a good internet connection and relevant software. Pakistanis also face hours of load shedding. So, students need to make sure they have a proper system of electricity and alternatives in case of uncertain circumstances.

Prepare your gadgets. Make sure your computer is working well. Your phone should also remain active for good coordination with teachers. Moreover, you can also borrow another computer or laptop from someone if possible to avoid inconvenience.

Avoid distractions

The exam rooms are organized to make sure there is no distraction. However, you have to make sure your siblings don’t bother you during exams, or your favorite game does not bother you. You have to get rid of using social media and just focus on the exams.

Set your own exam room!

You will not be having a proper desk or chair and table like you enjoy in your classrooms. For this, try to arrange a proper table and chair or sofas for good convenience.

Prepare as you do!

The most important thing you must do is study. Prepare well for the subjects, Manage a timeline to give appropriate time for all the subjects. Also, do a short rehearsal of the exam in which assume how much time you should give to each question during the exams.

What to do during the online exam?

Now the main day is here, you should be extra cautious!

Strict invigilators will not be here to warn you about time limits. So, you have to keep an eye on the clock.

Also, save copies of the test questions if you are allowed by your instructor. This will help you have proof when you face some technical issues.

If you face technical problems, do not panic. Just take screenshots of the problem and contact your instructor immediately.

Apart from that, if you are allowed to search the web or check other websites for information, open the details on separate tabs or the copy of the browser. Now, make sure to check your answers

before you submit the paper.

After you have attempted your first exam, analyze your performance and promise yourself to improve more next time. Your first experience can let you learn a lot!

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