AMAN 2021: Pakistan Navy releases promo for special song ‘The Call of Peace’

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

10th Feb, 2021. 10:16 am
AMAN 2021

Pakistan Navy has released a promo for special song ‘The Call of Peace’ for the multinational exercise AMAN 2021 scheduled to take from Feb 11 to 16.

This is the 7th exercise of AMAN series in which more than 40 countries are expected to participate in the exercise and display skills of maritime combat, rescue and other operational skills.

According to Pakistan Navy, the concept of AMAN revolves around information sharing, mutual understanding and identifying areas of common interests for participating navies with emphasis on maritime security operations, counter terrorism operations and humanitarian assistance operation.

Based on this, the exercise seeks to develop and practice Response Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (RTTP) for maritime infrastructure, assets and forces against traditional and non-traditional threats.

The exercise is planned with focused objectives of a display of united resolve against terrorism and crimes in maritime domain, contributing towards regional peace and stability and enhancing interoperability between regional and extra regional navies thereby acting as a bridge between the regions.

Pakistan Fleet Commander Rear Admiral Naveed Ashraf during a media briefing said this week that with a resolve against terrorism and piracy, carrying high the slogan of ‘Together for Peace’, the Aman Exercise is conducted by the Pakistan Navy after every two years in the form of a collaboration between the navies of various countries to maintain a safe and sustainable maritime realm and, above all, enhance interoperability between regional and extra-regional navies.

Aman-2021 will have two phases: a harbour phase and a sea phase.

Harbour phase

Harbour activities would include seminars, discussions, demonstrations and international get-togethers.

Sea phase

The sea phase would demonstrate tactical maneuvers on anti-piracy, counterterrorism, gunnery firing and search and rescue missions.

The hallmark of the sea phase would be the international fleet review, which will be witnessed by national and foreign dignitaries from one of Pakistan Navy’s bigger ships.

Aman Exercise provides enormous opportunities to the participants for contriving the contours of such a collective response.

In this regard, Aman-2021 is an effort to foster regional camaraderie, boost interoperability and exhibit a ‘united resolve against multifaceted threats.

Moreover, Aman-2021 would provide a common forum for information-sharing, mutual understanding and identifying of areas of common interest for all participating navies to achieve the mutual goal of maintaining stability, peace and prosperity at sea.

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