FIA seeks court approval for probe against ‘Digitonics Lab’ under Anti-Money laundering act

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

11th Feb, 2021. 12:34 pm
Digitonics Scam Cartel: An Overview of The Biggest Money Laundering in History Of Pakistan

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Thursday has sought court approval for probe against Digitonics Lab under Anti-Money laundering act.

According to the details, the city court conducted the hearing of case against the Digitonics Lab.

FIA presented the CEO Muhammad Burhan Mirza and other accused before court.

During the case proceedings FIA officials while seeking the approval from court argued that, ‘we need to tighten noose further by expanding the scale of investigation against Digitonics Lab CEO and others accused in money laundering case.’

Hearing the case, Judge Imran Imam Zaidi remarked that the Legal procedure should be followed for investigation of the accused.

He remarked that, ‘An application should be submitted to the court through the FIA ​​Law Officer for investigation of the accused.’

Meanwhile The FIA ​​asked for time to submit the final challan of the case. The court approved the FIA’s request and ordered to shift the accused back in to the jail.

After hearing the arguments, the court adjourned the hearing of case till February 25th.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) earlier submitted an interim challan in the court declaring CEO Digitonics lab Muhammad Burhan Mirza as the mastermind in the money laundering case.

The FIA investigating officer Mumtaz Hussain presented the challan before Judge Imran Imam Zaidi. The interim challan will be approved after a thorough review.

The challan included Ghyas Ghazali, Muneeb Ali, Kamil Raza, Pervez, Noman Javed, Muhammad Danish, and other accused.

According to the challan, the owners of the company, Junaid Mansoor and Hassan Mansoor, are still at large. The accused not only robbed the foreigners but also the Pakistanis living abroad. The challan stated that the important shreds of evidence are being analyzed from the computer of CEO Burhan Mirza.

The challan added that important information is also retrieved from the mobile phones of other accused. So far, 213 voice recorders have been recovered from the computers.

Moreover, the challan stated that a large number of Pakistanis living abroad are also complaining against the accused.

According to the challan, the accused pretended to be foreigners and obtained credit card codes, and then looted them.

FIA said that the money laundering and fraudulent charges against the accused will be estimated against the accused.

The FIA ​​has also obtained records of contacts of some other suspects from the evidence obtained from the accused. Moreover, FIA said that more suspects in the case will also be named.

The Prosecutor also apprised the court that the suspects uploaded data on the sensitive portal including Cloud which cannot be accessed.

Back in January 2021, FIA conducted a crackdown on Digitonics, involved in International Scam and Money Laundering. Digitonics used to steal the data through illegal means by disguising themselves as Americans from international customers.

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