GOVT Is Working To Protect Vast Interests Of Pakistan: FM Qureshi

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

01st Feb, 2021. 09:19 pm
Int'l Community Cannot Overlook 'Genocide' In Occupied Kashmir: FM

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that the government knows the challenges and is working to protect the interests of Pakistan.

According to details, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi while giving a briefing on senate has said that he held a detailed discussion with the US Secretary of State, presented submissions regarding Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan, also wrote a letter to him.

The Foreign Minister said that relations with Iran have improved since the advent of PTI government. If the relations had been cold, the Iranian Foreign Minister would not have visited Pakistan six times. The resolution of the Iranian Supreme Council on Kashmir is proof of good relations.

The Foreign Minister further said that relations with China have improved and the second phase of CPEC has commenced.

The Foreign Minister further said that he also wanted normal relations with India but India turned down the positive offer of Prime Minister Imran Khan and a large section of India was not satisfied with India’s foreign and Kashmir policy.

The Foreign Minister said that the fingers that were being pointed at India today were being pointed at Pakistan and India’s policies were being criticized at the international level.

“Foreign policy has a direct bearing on the economy. When we got the government, the country went bankrupt, with a resource gap of  $20 billion,” he said.

“We are now moving towards economic diplomacy. Thanks to economic diplomacy, exports to Africa have increased by 7% in one year. We will hold a conference on economic diplomacy with European countries this month,” he said.

“We want good relations with our neighbours. We had critical relations with Afghanistan before the PTI government came to power. We have tried to improve relations with Afghanistan and we have succeeded,” he added.

“The Afghan government itself is acknowledging that Pakistan is their supporter in the peace process. Our government signed a shared vision and talked about bilateral trade,” he said.

Talking about relations with Saudi Arabia, the Foreign Minister said that we have a strategic relationship with Saudi Arabia. Every Pakistani can give his life for the soil of Madinah.

He said that Saudi Arabia had given us a credit facility for a fixed period, the UN resolution on blasphemous sketches was submitted jointly by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

The Federal Foreign Minister further said that relations with the United Arab Emirates are also improved, I have just visited the UAE, the UAE assured that relations with Pakistan will remain good.

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