‘He left, but legacy still continues,’ Poetry Lovers remember the legendary Faiz

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

13th Feb, 2021. 01:11 pm
Faiz Ahmed Faiz

The legendary poet and writer Faiz Ahmed Faiz is being remembered on his 110th Birthday. His literary work and poetry influenced Urdu literature all over the world.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz was among the pioneers who raised the standards of Urdu literature and poetry. His soulful and thought-provoking poetry is still popular among youth today.

Born on February 13, 1911, he inspired people through his impressive content. His poetry is still a part of the curriculum syllabus. Some of his popular masterpieces including Naqsh-e-Faryadi, Dast-e-Sabah, and Zindan-nama.

In 1936, he took up the post of an English lecturer at M.A.O. College, Amritsar. When the Progressive Movement in India gathered momentum in 1936, he was one of the protagonists. Faiz beautifully blended the grief of love with sorrows of life in his poetry which struck a chord with youth.

He also assumed the responsibility of editorship of ‘Adab-e-Lateef’. In 1940, Faiz was appointed lecturer at the Hailey College of Commerce, Lahore. In 1947, Faiz took up a position in the Pakistan Times.

After that, he became editor of “Imroz” and received accolades in journalism too. After Pakistan came into existence, he began working for the rights of labor and was appointed Vice President of the Trade Union Federation. He participated in the I.L.O. Geneva Conference as a spokesperson for labor.

His poetry has been translated into several languages including Russian and English. However, he left everyone in mourn as he passed away on 20th November 1984.

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