“Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, it is a religion of peace,” says PM Imran

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

08th Feb, 2021. 07:25 pm
PM Imran attends Ulema and Mashaikh conference

Prime Minister Imran Khan has on Monday said that that Muslim countries should collectively voice their concerns against Islamophobia.

While addressing as chief guest in Ulema and Mashaikh Conference, PM Imran said that Islamic scholars played historic role in the making of Pakistan which is conceived in the name of Islam.

He further added that ensuring all the basic rights to every citizen and rule of law were the two main principles of the State of Madina.

“The West conveniently associated Islam with terrorism but in the last 20 years, Muslim countries unfortunately, did not respond to this narrative,” he said.

“Muslim leaders should have stood up to the West and made it clear that there is no link between Islam, or any other religion, with terrorism.”

The premier explained that extremists exist in all societies, but when western countries started using terms like “radical Islam,” “Islamic extremism,” Muslim leaders did nothing to counter this disinformation campaign against Islam and the problem kept worsening.

He said Islam has nothing to do with extremism or terrorism, but it is a religion of peace.

The religious scholars struggled alongside the father of our nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and their contribution was substantial, PM Khan acknowledged.

The premier further added that when people “forget the distinction between good and bad, society moves toward disintegration and destruction.”

He noted that it’s time the Islamic world helped West acknowledge terrorism has nothing to do with Islam and counter Islamophobia and speedy popularity of propaganda against Islam.

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