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Jidar-Ul-Hadeed: Karachi Corps Busy Practicing Under Challenging Conditions

Gulmeena HamidWeb Editor

14th Feb, 2021. 09:47 pm
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During the ongoing Exercise “Jidar -ul- Hadeed” in the Thar Desert, troops of the Karachi Corps are busy practicing, coordinated all-round defense, and survival in the desert under challenging conditions.

The field exercise that commenced on 28 January has focused on enhancing operational preparedness, synergy amongst various components of forces, and effective response measures under the actual battlefield environment.

Earlier Inter-Service Public Relations (ISPR) said the four weeks long defensive maneuver exercise is aimed at validating the concept of defense in deserts. The exercise is being conducted in extreme desert conditions, 74 kilometers ahead of Chhor, under a conventional operations setting.

The Karachi corps exercises will end on February 28, 2021.

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