Journalists protest in front of parliament house against chairman PEMRA

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

08th Feb, 2021. 05:52 pm

The journalist community has staged a protest against Chairman PEMRA Saleem Baig in front of the parliament house.

Chairman PEMRA’s illegal instructions, as illegal, malicious, hostile to the media, and an attack on Press Freedom.

Saleem Baig, Chairman PEMRA, has ordered the cable operators to shut down the broadcast of BOL News every Friday till Sunday.

Note that Chairman PEMRA has given illegal instructions to cable operators to shut down BOL News in different cities or place it on last numbers.

Along with the journalists, the members of PFUJ, RIUJ are also protesting against Chairman PEMRA for illegally targeting BOL News.

Journalists are demanding that Saleem Baig should step down from his designation.

RIUJ Secretary-General Tariq Ali Virk said,

“We will fight against the government for attacking media freedom”.

Secretary-General National Press Club Anwar Raza also raised his voice against chairman PEMRA Saleem Baig and sai,

“Rule of law should be equal for everyone. PEMRA should not take action against BOL Network on personal issues.”

He also said,

“PEMRA should give notice before shutting BOL News broadcast. If Chairman PEMRA will continue to do it, then we will take more strict actions against him.”

It is pertinent to mention here that Labbaik Pvt. Ltd, BOL News has submitted a complaint to register an FIR against Chairman PEMRA Saleem Baig and others to the SHO of Zaman Town.

Contempt of court petition against PEMRA Chairman Saleem Baig and others has also been filed by BOL News.

Chairman PEMRA Saleem Baig, DG Distribution, Regional Manager Akram Barkar, Inspector Lahore Mohammad Akram, Inspector PEMRA Lahore Mazhar have been made respondents in the petition.

As per the petition, Chairman PEMRA has given illegal instructions to cable operators to shut down BOL News in different cities despite the court orders given on 25th January. PEMRA officials have threatened the cable operators to put BOL News on the last number.

The petition filed by BOL News highlighted how PEMRA officials are deliberately violating court orders. For the contempt of court, BOL news urges to summon the Chairman PEMRA and others to the court.

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