Mockery Of Rule Of Law In PM Imran’s Naya Pakistan: BOL News Transmission Illegally Stopped By PEMRA

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

05th Feb, 2021. 08:57 pm
Mockery Of Rule Of Law: BOL Transmission Illegally Stopped By PEMRA

Rule of law has been mocked in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s new Pakistan, PEMRA illegally directed cable operators to stop transmission of BOL News.

According to the details, PEMRA officers threatened cable operators and force them to place BOL News on last numbers or in some areas BOL News transmission is completely stopped.

Chairman PEMRA also to satisfy his ego started using his subordinate officers illegally against BOL News which an immoral attempt to cause irreparable damage to BOL News broadcasts.

BOL News News submitted a petition to SHO Zaman Town to register a case against PEMRA Chairman Saleem Baig and others.

Contempt of court petition has also been filed in the Sindh High Court against the chairman PEMRA and others.

As per the valuable feedback from our viewers, BOL News has come across that its channel cannot be accessed in some parts of the country.

BOL Network, therefore, requests its viewers in case of an unforeseen absence of access to our transmission or a shift from their original numbers you can watch uninterrupted services on our Website, YouTube and BOL News app






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