Overseas Pakistanis are our greatest asset, Prime Minister

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

18th Feb, 2021. 12:48 pm
Prime Minister Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister has said that overseas Pakistanis are the biggest asset for our country.

Addressing the Roshan Digital Accounts program in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan said,”I have been trying for a long time to connect with our overseas Pakistanis. I have been saying since the past 20 years that overseas Pakistanis are our greatest asset.”

The Prime Minister said, “Because of cricket, I was in touch with overseas Pakistanis from the very beginning but I got the highest response from Shaukat Khanum in raising funds. At that time, I realized that we have a lot of potential outside.

“When we came to power, the biggest problem was the current account deficit, which was 20 billion dollars, and no one in Pakistan’s history has suffered such a huge deficit,” he said.

The Prime Minister said in his address that the biggest impact of the fiscal deficit was on the national currency. When the value of the currency depreciates, the poor people are most affected by everything becoming more expensive.

He added that during the Corona era, our exports increased to a record level. Today, there are no workers for textile factories. Earlier, people were moving from textile to real estate. Despite the debt, our economic indicators are positive. After repaying the debt, the country’s economy is moving in the right direction. Rs 6,000 billion has been given in terms of debt, no government has repaid so many loans.


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