PDM Hyderabad Jalsa: Nation Is Bearing PM Khan’s Incompetence: Bilawal Bhutto

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

09th Feb, 2021. 08:25 pm

Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto has criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Jalsa in Hyderabad today.

Highlighting the unemployment during PTI’s government, Bilawal Bhutto said,

“Prime Minister Imran Khan is hurting the rich and the poor. Imran Khan had promised one crore jobs. But why people are still unemployed?”

Bilawal also said that Imran Khan’s slogan was to make “Naya Pakistan”, however, the country now under huge debt.

Bilawal Bhutto recalled how Imran Khan used to say that he would commit suicide before going to the IMF but in reality, the government is making life miserable for the nation.

He further said that,

“We will snatch our rights by reaching Islamabad. Sindh is being given Rs 200 billion less than NFC this year. We will protect our democracy, we will protect our rights.”

Bilawal also criticized Imran Khan for not calling Sindh a province.

“How can any Prime Minister use these words for the land of Sindh?” said the PPP chairman.

He said that Imran Khan wants Sindh and not the people of Sindh.

While addressing the jalsa, he further said that Sindh does not belong to him (PM Khan) but he definitely needs the islands of Sindh, the gas of Sindh, oil of Sindh, coal of Sindh.

Bilawal said that this incompetent government is buying the crops from outside instead of buying them from the country.

“Our farmers are bearing the loss, so much damage has been done that 50% of the families are suffering from malnutrition.”

Talking about the long-march against the federal government towards Islamabad, Bilawal said,

“There will be a march in March. I will take a caravan from Karachi for the long march.”

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