Senate Committee Approves Bill Seeking Public Execution Of Child Rapists

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

02nd Feb, 2021. 10:02 pm
Senate Committee Approves Bill Seeking Public Execution Of Child Rapists

The Senate Standing Committee on Interior approved a bill seeking publicly execution of the perpetrators of the child rape cases.

A meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Interior was held under the chairmanship of Senator Rehman Malik.

Rehman Malik said that the number of cases of child abuse is increasing day by day which is a matter of concern.

The committee had taken up the issue of rape and murder of minor Zainab. The committee followed the case till the punishment of the ruthless killer and reached the end.

Time is needed for such cruel criminals to be severely punished. The Senate Admissions Committee passed the Child Abuse Bill with a majority.

Senator Shehzad Waseem, while opposing the bill of public execution in cases of child abuse, said that two ordinances have already been passed in cases of child abuse and there was a heated exchange between the Chairman Committee and the Leader of the House.

Committee Chairman Rehman Malik said that pre-existing ordinances would be forwarded along with the public execution bill and the government has the right to oppose any bill.

Shehzad Waseem said that the bill should be stopped till the quorum is met but if you want to doze such a bill then why the drama of the committee, he walked out of the committee in protest.

On the other hand, Senator Javed Abbasi presented the bill of desecration of the deceased and rape with him in the committee. “There are a lot of cases of rape with the deceased. If this bill is not passed, our relatives will have to go to the grave tomorrow,” he said.

The committee also jointly passed a bill to punish men for indecent exposure. The chairman of the committee, while instructing to increase the security around the cemeteries, said that such crimes are very unfortunate and should be severely punished. The punishment for raping a dead person in a cemetery should be the same as raping a living person.

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