Aurat March 2021: Routes And Schedules for Int’l Women’s Day rallies across Pakistan

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07th Mar, 2021. 11:05 pm
Aurat March 2021

Pakistan to witness Aurat March rallies tomorrow (Monday) in different cities of the country in line with International Women’s Day. The women will be protesting for their rights and the maltreatment they face in society.

The traffic routes and strategies for Int’l Women’s Day rallies across Pakistan have been released.


In the metropolis, the Aurat March organizers have ensured social distancing due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“6 foot ki doori, Magar inqilab zaruri [Please ensure 6-feet distance but the revolution is crucial],” they wrote in an update on the official Twitter account.

Aurat March Karachi will be held at 3 pm at Karachi’s Ferer Hall.


The Aurat March rally in Lahore will be “from Lahore Press Club to the front of the PIA building!”

“There is also a designated entry point for differently-abled and old people. It is the road between Governor House and Al Hamrah,” they wrote on Twitter.

The rally organizers have made it mandatory for everyone to follow the coronavirus SOPs. The event will start at 2 pm.


The Aurat March in Islamabad will begin at 1:00 pm and the main event will be held at the Islamabad Press Club.


The Aurat Azadi March in Quetta will commence at 3:00 pm at the Quetta Press Club, where women from around the city will gather to raise their voices on the issues they face.


This is the second time for Multan to hold the Aurat March with the aim of “fighting patriarchy and Covid-19 simultaneously”.

The rally will start at the Nawa Shehar Chowk, go through the LMQ Road and Abdali Road, with the main event and speeches scheduled to be held at the Multan Press Club.

Hyderabad, Sukkur, and Larkana

Aurat March Sindh organizers — representing feminists and allies from Hyderabad, Sukkur, and Larkana — have announced that their rally will start from Shahbaz Building to the Hyderabad Press Club.

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