Aurat March: Woman Who Deviates From Her Axis In Imitation Of West

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

08th Mar, 2021. 10:19 pm
Aurat March: Woman Who Deviates From Her Axis In Imitation Of West

March 8 marked International Women’s Day around the world, with women’s parades, rallies, speeches, and placards everywhere in cities across the country.

Preparations for which have been going on in all major cities of Pakistan for the last several days. We saw that the one who was called a delicate gender entered the field with all her energy and celebrated her existence.

Seminars, events and programs on the occasion where women’s rights, issues facing them, their role in society and their development were discussed.

International Women’s Day commemorates the Women’s Independence March from the 1960s to the 1980s, when gay and transgender women marched and pressed the world for their rights.

Similarly, a women’s march was held in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, as well as in other cities, where women’s organizations chanted slogans in support of their rights and on Women’s Day.

The Women’s March in Islamabad was organized by the Awami Workers Party, the Women’s Democratic Front and various women’s organizations. Workers from the National Party, PPP, Awami National Party and other parties also joined the march.

The women held banners and placards with slogans against the oppression and injustice against women.

The women’s rights movement has also had some unintended results in its efforts to recognize the status of women. Everyone knows the place of women in the West today, but certain section of our country romanticize and admire this unbridled freedom.

The slogan of equality between men and women in Western society today is just a hollow slogan. It is having a very adverse effect on the new generation. The activities that are going on in the name of women’s rights in Europe and America instead of increasing their respect, women are constantly humiliated.

We have witnessed some atypical scenes in Islamabad where women were seen holding the flags of France and dancing on the streets to celebrate their freedom.

The question has raised there that do women really need this kind of freedom? Amid this bunkum, the actual issues of Pakistani women have lost somewhere.



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