Nation Celebrates Pakistan Day With Full Traditional Ardour Today

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

23rd Mar, 2021. 12:01 am
Pakistan Day 23rd March

Pakistan Day is being celebrated today on March 23 to commemorate the ‘Lahore Minto Park’ Resolution in the year 1940.

Pakistan Day is a public holiday observed annually on March 23rd across the country.

The Lahore Resolution of 1940 is also known as the ‘Pakistan Resolution‘ that ultimately led to the formulation of Pakistan.

However, amidst the ongoing new COVID-19 strain across the country, the celebrations will be held across the country virtually by different public and private departments.

History of Pakistan Day – March 23

It was at Lahore in March 1940, that the Muslim League took the decision that split India into two nations. They agreed not to accept any plan for India which failed to give Muslims an independent state in those parts of India where there were more Muslims than Hindus – such as East Bengal and the North-West.

The Indian newspapers called this the Pakistan Resolution. The name ‘Pakistan’ was invented in 1933 by Chaudhry Rahmat Ali who spent his life fighting for the ideology. ‘Pakistan’, he wrote, “is both a Persian and an Urdu word. It is composed of letters taken from all our homelands ‘Indian’ and ‘Asian’.

On March 23rd 1940, the Lahore Resolution was passed which rejected the concept of a United India and proposed the creation of an independent state for Muslims, even though it did not actually mention Pakistan at all.

The resolution paved the way for the creation of Pakistan on August 14th 1947, when Pakistan became the world’s first Islamic Republic State. 14th August is also known as Independence Day.

To mark the resolution, the Minar-e-Pakistan was constructed during the 1960s on the site in Iqbal Park where the All-India Muslim League passed the Lahore Resolution.

Pakistan Day Song By ISPR

On the other hand, Pakistan Army’s media wing, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) had released a song to pay tribute to national heroes and people belonging to various traditions.

The patriotic song will definitely raise goosebumps and will take you back to the era when people struggled and sacrificed their lives for the formation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Apart from that, the song features soulful vocals of none other than Ali Zafar and Aima Baig.

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